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In the network, people together shape the future of companies

„In the network, open exchange at eye level is particularly important. It does not matter how big the company is: NIRO picks up the people in their individual problems and creates joint approaches to solutions. Regardless of position or area of responsibility, everyone finds an open ear and space for discussions, questions and advice. The focus is always on joint learning. NIRO offers space for a courageous look into the future, what could be.“

Dr.-Ing. Sabine Hempen, Group Vice President Operational Excellence

"team made" – mastering the big and small challenges together

"Our corporate claim is "team made", which means that everything we do is a joint success. And so we also believe that positive effects can be achieved for all participants in a network team. We have interesting contacts with whom we can discuss the big issues and also the small challenges. We perceive external impulses as an extension and enrichment of our horizon. We learn from the experiences of other network participants and can share our knowledge."

Dr. Hans Dieter Storzer, Managing Director CTO, EBG group GmbH

In the network we are committed to the region and live innovation

„In this network, the member companies share many values which also represent a very large part of our corporate philosophy: On the one hand, this is the commitment to our region, which is aware of constant change and is constantly confronted with it. This also includes the preservation of tradition, without remaining stuck in the past. With innovations and new, fresh ideas we remain fit for the future. We find this in our network. At the most varied events and activities, the varied, trusting and personal exchange is valuable and brings new impulses.“

Matthias Schmitz, Managing Director Schmitz u. Söhne GmbH & Co. KG and NIRO board member

NIRO brings members together and provides stimuli for new ideas

“Small and medium-sized enterprises have joined forces in the NIRO network in order to respond even better to requirements of the global market by means of cooperation. The majority of these companies are already market leaders or innovation leaders and are well positioned internationally. Nonetheless, even the market leaders have recognised the benefits of network cooperation: The exchange of experience and the strengthening of trusting relationships pays off!”

Detlev Höhner, Managing Director, Murtfeldt Kunststoffe GmbH & Co. KG


Speed and efficiency constitute the strengths of the network

“The quick, uncomplicated channels between members that generate solutions for personnel-related topics. Sometimes, only the HR people are brainstorming together; sometimes, the directors or purchasers join them to work on a problem. The result often is an overall package that no consultant could have done any better and no enterprise could’ve implemented on its own. This way, the companies realised in common the collective agreement for temporary staff leasing, framework contracts for employee transfers and an academy for specialists and executives in which the company needs are addressed, for instance.”

Sandra Voss, Human Resources Manager, Bulten GmbH 


Success lies in joint purchasing

“At NIRO, we purchase indirect materials and energy jointly. The same conditions and contractual terms apply to all members. By bundling the requirements, the negotiating groups, which are made up of purchasing managers in the member companies, have a good basis for negotiating with suppliers. Through higher volumes, we achieve negotiation successes together and benefit as a company from noticeable effects. Suppliers benefit from a reliable and attractive customer pool with high sales potential. In addition to the attractive framework agreements, at NIRO I appreciate the trusting exchange with other people in the network on topics relevant to purchasing.”

Sascha Scharne, Purchasing, Group Manager Investment & Services Purchasing ERCO GmbH


We are members of a network in order to support and advance one another

“For us, making personal contact with experts of other companies is crucial in order to exchange experience directly and obtain recommendations for the processing of our own tasks. During the meetings of the ‘Shipping, Foreign Trade and Logistics’ task group, the companies mutually provide recommendations to one another for company-specific issues. We’ve got the experts we need in the network.”

Thomas Voigt, Head of Logistics, Stromag GmbH