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About NIRO

A strong partnership founded on trust.

Joining forces to meet the global competition head on while strengthening the economy of our own region: This is the challenge accepted anew every day by 74 companies operating in the machine engineering, metal and industrial electronics industries. NIRO is an acronym for the German “Netzwerk Industrie RuhrOst e.V.”.

The regional NIRO network offers their partners wide-ranging material and immaterial advantages. Joining forces with their member companies, NIRO develops innovative solutions for the fields of purchasing, logistics / import&export, innovation, Industry 4.0, human resources and marketing.

The concrete measures and projects conceived by NIRO are in no small part responsible for boosting the competitiveness of the location they champion both on a national and an international level.



17 years of trusting cooperation

Founded in 2006, NIRO managed to achieve astounding results in no time at all thanks to the trusting cooperation of their member companies. Their accomplishments range from the establishment of dual degree courses in the fields of machine engineering and mechatronics to joint framework purchasing agreements to the founding of an academy geared towards manufacturing companies. In the 17 or so years of its existence, NIRO has advanced to become one of the largest networks in North Rhine-Westphalia in the field of mechanical engineering.

byNIRO is given nation-wide recognition in Germany.

The founding of the wholly owned subsidiary byNIRO GmbH in 2012 opened up the use of joint framework purchasing agreements and the services rendered by the academy to all interested manufacturing companies all across Germany.

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NIRO brings dynamic - to the region and beyond.

The exceptional dedication NIRO brings to the table has earned the network distinction from the state of North Rhine-Westphalia and others. NIRO is part of the "Produktion.NRW" network and the "go-cluster" initiative of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. In Juni 2023, NIRO was awarded the silver label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative (ECEI).

NIRO – The Dynamic Difference

The capabilities of NIRO are reflected not only in the results the network manages to achieve but also in its market image. Well grounded and offering a high value proposition, NIRO personifies values such as courage and dynamic. These values are encapsulated in our brand claim: “NIRO – The Dynamic Difference”. The pursued goals and scheduled projects are expressions of an outstandingly dedicated network that is deeply rooted in the mutual trust of its partners.


“The force that unites us and constantly drives us to do more is the pride in our region, which is deeply ingrained in all our activities.  Our region makes up a significant portion of the strength that helps us finish what we started: The task of making strong companies even stronger and joining forces with them to take their economic and technical prowess - along with their social competence - to the next level.

Quote by Jens te Kaat, Chief Executive Officer at NIRO


Our vision:

It is NIRO’s vision to turn the Ruhr East industrial location into a centre for production and innovation that forms a pinnacle in the international trade of goods and services.

A multitude of service providers such as patent lawyers, consultants, financial experts and engineering offices, who are situated in the region and work in industry-related fields, contribute their share to the institution of a production and service network with international standing.


Our objectives:

The goal pursued by NIRO is to increase the economic and technological potential of the member companies and strengthen the position of the Ruhr East region in the global marketplace.

“The systematic exchange of experience in which we engage will ultimately enable us to jointly boost the innovative force of both our companies and the entire region. We invite you to shape this process with us”, Wenke Völkmann-Gröne, NIRO Executive Board Member.


Our guiding principles for a strong corporate culture:

1. We strive for respectful and appreciative company management.
It is our conviction that fair and cooperative treatment amongst each other and the agreement on clearly defined objectives are at the heart of productive and motivated collaboration. We bolster expertise and motivation even further by involving staff directly and sharing responsibility with them. These aspects lay the groundwork for good leadership behaviour.
2. We attach great importance to being an attractive employer.
Geared towards specific target groups and age groups, our measures intended to recruit and retain employees are accompanied by offers that are tailored to a company’s specific needs. Our measures also take into account individual and meaningful communication channels.

3. We support our employees in their effort to retain and improve their health.
This is why we are committed to a holistic health concept that is centred around raising awareness and actively implementing beneficial measures. This approach shows just how much we care about and assume responsibility for our staff; after all, they are our most valuable asset.

4. We constantly work on optimising our work stations and working conditions.
We consider a fair, open and friendly work environment to be our top priority. This includes frank communication, respectful cooperation and the establishment of flexible working time schemes that are customised to the requirements of both the employees and the company. The creation of an adaptive organisation has put us in a position to adjust and improve our processes and structures. We have made the further development of this ability our foremost objective.

5. We are devoted to the retention, promotion and expansion of knowledge
In an attempt to strengthen our company, we analyse not only the scope of expertise we will be needing in the future but also motivate our employees to exchange and pass on the knowledge they already possess. Meanwhile, we offer our employees individual qualification and further training options throughout which we will offer them our best possible assistance.