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Human Resources

If your employees set sail to success, ...

The predominant means to buck the demographic trend and avoid shortages of manpower / trained personnel is to make yourself stand out as an attractive employer.  This holds true both with regard to employees already working for the company and in terms of prospective employees whose services you wish to acquire for the future. The steps taken to acquire and retain employees should be geared towards specific target groups and age groups. Another aspect that needs to be factored in is that employees change their standards and behaviour (“Generation Z”) and that communication is subject to constant transformation.

NIRO offers its member companies exactly what they need to succeed in this area. For instance, NIRO will take up all relevant topics in the “Task Force Human Resources” and the “Task Force for Job Trainers” and jointly conceive solutions with everybody involved.

NIRO member companies never leave the search for qualified talent to chance. Always keeping their gaze set to the future, they attach the highest priority to the qualification of their staff. For this reason, those responsible for HR at the member companies decided to launch the NIRO Academy in 2012. Ever since its inauguration, this institution has made a decisive contribution to the effort of strengthening and promoting the talents and skills of the companies’ employees.


Nurturing the skilled talent in the region.

NIRO has made it their goal to champion prospective talent at the university level as well. NIRO succeeded in establishing the first Bachelor degree courses in the disciplines of machine engineering, mechatronics, and trade as early as 2009 and simultaneously with the founding of the first university of cooperative education in North Rhine-Westphalia, which offers dual degree courses and is now part of the University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management (FOM).


Dr. Anja Zühlsdorf

Human Resources, Marketing, Communication

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