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Team up to achieve progress and innovation more quickly.

The companies and partners organised in the NIRO network bring a large variety of skills and strengths “innately” to the table. Time and again, their innovative suggestions have allowed NIRO to set new standards in various business units, ultimately benefiting the NIRO network as a whole. Managers and domain experts come together regularly at moderated work groups in order to exchange experiences and arrive at joint decisions. This approach allows for the development of different services that translate to substantial material and immaterial advantages to the member companies.

Usually, there are wonderful savings possibilities in purchasing. Especially when it comes to quantities that are attractive for suppliers. That is exactly the point where our member companies benefit when purchasing these goods together – they save an average of 30% per framework agreement. Now the companies affiliated with the NIRO network have the option of drawing upon 33 framework agreements for the purchasing of indirect materials, energy and services. By consolidating volumes, NIRO members achieve not only better terms but also improved framework conditions such as longer payment periods and higher discounts, which in turn result in substantial savings. But NIRO does not rest on its laurels: The network is always searching for new ways of tapping more optimisation potentials in procurement for its members.

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Exchange experience and know-how, make it available and unlock new potentials. This is the goal of the NIRO knowledge pool. Innovative ideas and an inspiring exchange among member companies ensure that NIRO sets new benchmarks time and again. To this end, the managing directors and experts regularly meet in moderated discussion and decision-making panels. In six defined fields of activities, with numerous task groups, steering committees, negotiating groups and needs-based panels of experts, NIRO tackles the topics desired by the member companies. Learning from one another and the result-oriented processing of the topics always take centre stage. Gaining insight into the companies and encounters at the annual general meeting round out the range of offers by NIRO and promote exchange and discussion. The exchange of knowledge and expertise is supported by the online portal “NIRO Knowledge”, the electronic realisation of the network idea. NIRO Knowledge combines a document and event management tool with an expert tool that facilitates the networking of expertise among the member companies – and, in turn, promotes exchange and discussion. The commitment to numerous projects allows for pursuing new ideas and introducing advanced processes. The innovative strength of the member companies is also promoted this way.

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Support and promote the competitiveness and innovative strength of the member companies in the region through meaningful and cost-effective training: This is the goal of the NIRO Academy. Small and medium-sized manufacturing companies are always in the focus of the advanced training philosophy. Hence the seminars, workshops and training courses are custom-tailored to the specific requirements and demands of SMEs and their organisational structures. The contents and processes of the training program are developed in common with line managers and HR managers from manufacturing companies. The staff from manufacturing companies speak the same language and know exactly what the relevant topics are. It is therefore of great importance to NIRO that participants can exchange knowledge and ideas one-to-one at eye level and network successfully. This, in turn, enhances the effectiveness and sustainability of the training event – because exchange constitutes the basis for progress.

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